From a heavenly perspective

Exhibition: “Art as a lifelong journey”

From time to time, I challenge myself by only painting with one colour. This one is a lovely earthy, warm brown that granulates beautifully, allowing the water to spread it out and move it in ways of ‘naturalness’ that I could never paint with a brush. For many years I used my own photos to work from, but more recently I have painted in a more intuitive mode, working with the paint to suggest what the painting is to become.

I ‘discovered’ this scene as I began to use my spray bottle and water down first and only then, add the paint. The process is somewhat slow (by my standards), because I have to consider what’s happening with every mark happening on the paper. It is great fun to work in this way and the results can be even more rewarding than when using a reference.

Watercolour on Paper.
Professionally Framed with UltraVue70, low-glare glass.

Image Size:- 500 x 270mm
Frame Size:- 720 x 480mm

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