Sapphire Water

Original Artworks


About the Artwork

The paintings shown in my gallery have been selected to give an overall concept of what I paint, the different subjects and styles. 

They are available for sale - mostly framed.  

About Watercolour

I work in a style of painting with watercolours that is mostly "Alla Prima" meaning at first go (as opposed to many layers). I enjoy the immediacy of this method, as it projects a vibrancy of colour and brushwork that is varied and lively.

I especially like an element of watercolour that promotes the textural aspect, which is known as granulation. The Rock and the River series ( and several others) takes the granulation to another level with a special technique that I have developed to enhance this textural component.


Giclée Reproductions


About "The Rock and The River" series

 While this exhibition was held in 2015 and again in 2020, these paintings are still some of the best artwork that I have produced. I am thrilled to be able to present them as quality reproductions in 2 or 3 sizes as a cost effective alternate to the Originals.

They are available for sale - matted and signed, ready for framing. 

About Fine Art Giclée Prints

A giclée print is the closest duplication of an artwork that is physically possible. 

The camera used to capture the artwork must be able to do so with a high level of resolution and then will be printed using a wide format printer that can hold up to 12 colours of pigment-based inks onto an archival surface.

They are designed to last for over 75 years, if cared for properly.


Fountain Triumph
Expressions of Toowoomba #1

Post Cards & Prints


The "Essence of Toowoomba" Series

A series of 18 watercolour paintings depicting iconic local scenes of the city in which I live and have lived close by to for all my life.

The images include: Toowoomba - the garden city, Japanese Garden, Queens Park, City Hall, Old Courthouse & Post Office, Empire Theatre, Strand Cinemas, Cobb & Co Museum and displays,  Bulls Head Inn, Railway Station, Spring Bluff, Table Top, Picnic Point Waterfall, Public Art, Old Shed and Violets - the Emblem of Toowoomba. 

Each print includes information about the site and are signed and titled.ah print includes

The Prints and Postcards

This series has been specifically designed as an easily transportable Mementos of our region. They are available as A4 and A3 (printed on demand) prints  or postcards in packs to give to visitors and friends of our city.


Gift Cards


Greeting Cards

These are available in two different styles: the 'Rock and River' series and a general series - mostly of flowers or a variety of other subjects and images. 

All are available in packs of 5 or 10.   COMING SOON

Gift Certificates

Gift cards are an easy and convenient to use gift to give to your loved ones and friends for the holidays or any other special occasion. 

They are available as $50 and $100 amounts..  COMING SOON


Gift Card