Watercolour Seascapes (Thursday)
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Watercolour Seascapes (Thursday)

Dive into Tranquillity: Master the Art of Watercolour Seascapes

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This course is tailored for all levels...

Thursday mornings from 11 July to 22 August 2024

9:30am - 12:30pm

Be Playful; ​Be Bold; ​Be Adventurous; ​Be Joyful!
This course will be all about painting seascapes!
Course price $300 per person

 Materials List available. 
 Dress comfortably prepared to play with paint. Tea/Coffee will available.

Join our relaxing watercolor seascape classes, where the ocean's beauty inspires your creativity. Each week, our friendly instructor will guide you through essential watercolor techniques and the day's reference image.

You'll start by sketching the coastline with azure blues and sandy umbers, capturing the waves' movement and the frothy white foam. Next, you'll add depth to your scene with sienna and ochre for the rocks, blending shadows and highlights to bring the rugged shoreline to life.

On the sandy beach, you'll use burnt sienna and raw umber to create realistic grains of sand with various brushstrokes. For the distant cliffs, neutral tones of blues and browns will be included, with splashes of emerald green and turquoise for hidden coves and sea caves.

Each week, we'll learn to view photos with an artist's eye, enhancing our ability to paint seascapes. As you progress, your understanding and appreciation of watercolor techniques will grow. Details like wispy clouds and seabirds may be included along the way.

At the end of the class, you'll admire your vibrant seascapes, inspired by the ocean's timeless allure. Roslyn will provide creative guidance to assist you on your painting journey. Over seven weeks, you'll create a series of paintings that showcase your improved skills and creativity, celebrating the beauty of the natural world.


What to Expect

.... if you allow yourself to play-sketch without expectation ....


You will have a lot of it.


There will be 'surprises'; encouraging moments and interesting results.


You will create a painting, in a step-by-step process designed for you to achieve successful results.


You will learn way more about paint/ paper/ water relationships than you would imagine.


You will expand your vision and understanding of what is possible with watercolour paint.


You will be with Like-minded people.

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