Watercolour Landscapes (August)

Watercolour Landscapes (August)

Exploring the movement of water within the landscape

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Saturday 17th August, 2024

9:30am - 3:30pm

Be Playful; ​Be Bold; ​Be Adventurous; ​Be Joyful!
This day will be all about PLAYING with Watercolour!
Course price $150 per person

Materials List available or Materials supplied ($25)
 Dress comfortably prepared to play with paint. Bring your lunch and a cup. Tea/Coffee will available.

Get ready for a delightful adventure painting streams and waterfalls in our friendly watercolour landscapes art class! Imagine the peaceful flow of water and the joyful rush of cascading falls waiting for your creative touch.

In this immersive workshop, you'll dive into the joy of watercolour painting, specially crafted to capture the enchanting beauty of streams and waterfalls. With our friendly instructor by your side, you'll learn the art of bringing to life the dynamic movement and serene charm of flowing water as it winds through rocky landscapes and tumbles into tranquil pools below.

Discover the magic of portraying the sparkling reflections and delicate textures of water surfaces, all while mastering the play of light and shadow in your artwork. We'll show you how to infuse your paintings with the vibrant colours of surrounding greenery, the rugged shapes of cliffs and rocks, and the atmospheric effects that add depth to your masterpiece.

Whether you're an experienced artist seeking new inspiration or a beginner excited to explore the world of watercolour, our class is open to all with warm hearts and eager spirits. So come join us for a fun-filled artistic journey, where the soothing melodies of flowing water will inspire your creativity to soar in our watercolour landscapes art class!


What to Expect

Probably no 'masterpieces'

.... but if you allow yourself to play without expectation ....


You will have a lot of it.


There will be 'surprises'; encouraging moments and interesting results.


You will create a painting, in a step-by-step process designed for you to achieve successful results.


You will learn way more about paint/ paper/ water relationships than you would imagine.


You will expand your vision and understanding of what is possible with watercolour paint.


You will be with Like-minded people.

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